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By Trump’s own standard, Obama was better for black Americans than he is

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President Trump constantly touts the African American unemployment rate: at campaign rallies, at news conferences, in his State of the Union address and in tweet after tweet after tweet. It’s meant as a two-for-one, to diminish the record of his immediate predecessor, who happens to be the nation’s first black president, and to mitigate his insulting remarks about black people: “Look at my African American over here”; “What do you have to lose?”; “low I.Q. person”; “son of a bitch”; “shithole”; and so on. He has provided “the blacks” (not to mention the Hispanics, the gays, the Muslims and the women) so many jobs, you see, that no one should care how he talks about the blacks.

This is how we got White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders claiming last week that “when President Obama left after eight years in office — eight years in office — he had only created 195,000 jobs for African Americans. President Trump in his first year and a half has already tripled what President Obama did in eight years.” Sanders acknowledged the error almost immediately: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, black Americans have netted 700,000 jobs under Trump; black Americans gained 2.8 million during Barack Obama’s two terms.

But the reason for this faux pas was telling. Sanders uttered it after being asked repeatedly about rumored audio of Trump saying the n-word and after saying she “can’t guarantee” that such a recording doesn’t exist — a deflection meant to blunt any indication of racism. (She does not appear to have considered that a president can still be racist and preside over increased employment among African Americans, as The Washington Post’s Eugene Scott pointed out.)

Read more @ The Washington Post by David Swerdlick

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Obama’s return: Good or bad for Democrats?

Urban Marketing Group Staff



WASHINGTON (AP) — Nearly two years out of the White House, former President Barack Obama is facing another political test.

To the delight of many Democrats, he’s stepped back into the fray that former presidents often try to avoid, campaigning for Democratic candidates ahead of the midterms and blasting the political culture of the Trump era. He attracted a large, adoring crowd this past week in Ohio and will be in Pennsylvania on Friday campaigning for Democratic Sen. Bob Casey.

But Obama’s return poses challenges for both the former president and his party. For one, Obama has struggled to turn admiration for him into votes when he’s not on the ballot. Democrats lost significant ground in the 2010 and 2014 midterms and his enthusiastic campaigning for Hillary Clinton didn’t carry her across the finish line in 2016. Perhaps more importantly, Obama’s public re-entry into politics could serve as a motivating factor for Republicans, potentially handing the GOP a gift at a time when they face an uphill battle to maintain their grip on Congress.

“This is perfect for us,” said Rep. Lou Barletta, the Republican challenging Casey for the Senate seat. “It will energize Republicans as a reminder.”

The former president will also “energize those blue-collar Democrats who worried about their jobs under Obama and went out to vote for Donald Trump,” Barletta added.

Read more HERE

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Community DMV

Donald Trump Conveniently Ignores Anniversary of One of America’s Worst Acts of Terror

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Three days before a national tragedy would shake the entire world, on September 8, 2001, George Bush issued a proclamation recognizing one of the darkest hours in American history. On September 15, 2013, Barack Obama’s White House sent out an official statement recognizing the same solemn day.

George W. Bush’s Proclamation 7460 reads, in part:

As a Nation, we celebrate those achievements and look forward to new challenges. At the same time, we also recognize that racism still exists in America.

One of the darkest days for the cause of civil rights was September 15, 1963, when a bomb exploded in the basement of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. The blast ended the lives of four young African-American girls, and ultimately demonstrated the tragic human costs of bigotry and intolerance.

Barack Obama’s Statement from the President on the 50th Anniversary of the 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing in Birmingham, Al, reads:

Today, we remember Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, and Cynthia Wesley who were killed 50 years ago in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing. That horrific day in Birmingham, Alabama quickly became a defining moment for the Civil Rights Movement. It galvanized Americans all across the country to stand up for equality and broadened support for a movement that would eventually lead to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Earlier this year, I was honored to meet with family members of those four precious little girls as America posthumously awarded them the Congressional Gold Medal, one of our nation’s highest civilian honors.

Read me full story at The Root

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Politics & Law

This Black Female Cop Stayed Calm Even As Suspect Repeatedly Calls Her N-Word

Urban Marketing Group Staff



A black NYPD cop remained calm while facing a racist and vitriol-filled rant from a white suspect that she was arresting, video of the incident shows.

The unnamed female officer was arresting suspect Ilya Freyman, 51, at a gas station in Brooklyn when Freyman started screaming at her. According to the New York Daily News, the suspect screamed the n-word at the officer more than 50 times in the span of one minute.

Freyman was arrested for criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and disorderly conduct after punching and breaking the glass at an attendant booth at the gas station. He was also hit with a harassment charge.

Through it all, the officer shows the utmost professionalism and keeps her composure.

Watch at Essence

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