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Experience Reality Magazine’s SUCCESS IS A LIFESTYLE with’s Jason Easley by Nigel Jamal

Urban Marketing Group Staff



er mag cvr 15 - free launchSUCCESS IS A LIFESTYLE

By Nigel Jamal

What does ForeverDC do? is a one stop resource of information for DC professionals. We are a
Web site dedicated to Washington DC news and entertainment. We feature news that
keep our readers informed about Washington DC happenings ranging from community
news, to politics, to a diverse range of events like live music, parties, festivals, comedy
shows, free trainings, book signings, and more.

We also feature some national headlines that focus on entertainment, sports, or a high profiled story. We only cover news that informs and educate our readers (we do cover local crime but only to inform our readers of what’s going on in the community). We stay away from negativity, sexually explicit content, and anything that promotes ignorance or ignorant behavior.

Our Web site is free and our objective is to keep is simple and clean without too much fancy stuff (sort of like craigslist). Advertising is our main source of revenue and we offer opportunities for those to promote within our weekly e-newsletters, dedicate emails, Web site as banner ads, social media outlets and more. We also offer services like print solutions, video, and graphic design.

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been in business for about 8 years now. We started out as a promotional company for our own events. We used to do things at this spot called Cada Vez on U street. We would do live shows featuring neo-soul and R&B bands. Patrons would come to enjoy the live music over dinner and we enjoyed much success. We started collecting peoples email address as a way to keep them informed about upcoming acts and performances. This list grew to the point that I felt our business model needed to change in order for us to be profitable.

Jason EasleyWe developed such a massive targeted list that was extremely targeted because it consisted mainly of working professionals who enjoyed events, that I felt we could not only promote our events to this audience but charge a fee for others to promote as well. Initially there was a little backlash to the evolution but eventually this was the route we took and it proved to be a successful one.
Obviously, we’ve evolved a great deal since our humbling beginnings by becoming more of a news and entertainment information source but that is the gist of our origins. The core of our initial audience was start of our subscription list. Once our Web site was developed and we began sending newsletters and emails to these guys and our list just
continued to grow.

What were some of the hurdles you had to overcome to start your business and
how did you do it?

Wow…patience, understanding, money LOL. The biggest was rejection. You have to be strong enough to deal with a whole lot of “no’s” and understand everything is a numbers game. The more you put into something the more you get out of it. And if everything was easy everyone would be doing it right? The victory comes from knowing you did the work no one else was willing to do.

That’s what successful people do…they do things normal folks don’t. I had to prove myself and my services to people so I took it one client at a time because I knew (and still know) the value of referrals. Another challenge was establishing relationships with people and companies that would help boost our profile. Our work speaks for itself and when people work with us they will typically use us for the long haul.

What are the daily moves you must make to sustain your business?

I wake up early (like 5am) daily to figure out what needs to be done and typically work until midnight-2am. Sometimes its a day filled with meetings, other days may be a focus on marketing and promotions, and some days may be a focus on lead generation or creating advertising proposals. It really all depends because each day is different. Regardless I try to implement the winning components of success daily: exercise, prayer, faith, belief, motivation, organization, and execution.

What has been the greatest accomplishment or most rewarding aspect of running

We’ve had a few…but I think one that showed me that we can really make this thing happen is when we established relationships with several powerful media companies like Essence Magazine. It gave me a confidence that I cannot truly describe in words. It proved to me that what we are on the right track with our business model and if we can open doors with these guys we can open doors with anyone. I hope that eventually we can hire and train people who need and want jobs…that would be the ultimate accomplishment. My personal passion is helping others in some way.

Any words of advice for inspiring business owners or even existing business

Pursue your passion and understand nothing will be given to you. My old basketball coach Mr. Doc Hines (depicted in the movie “Remember The Titans“)  told me once that you never want to live your life in a manner that you’ll look back and say “would of, could of, should of”. So go for it now. I would also say it’s important to value the input of others. You can’t grow your business based on your own perception. Do what you mean and mean what you say. Be punctual to meetings and always give back to others by volunteering or getting involved with your community. I think the little things mean the most in business and positive karma always comes back to you.

Click HERE for more information on Experience Reality Magazine and where to pick up copies!

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Sam Logan, who heads the Go Baby Go project at Oregon State University, will lead the workshop, which is being hosted/sponsored by Talking Hands Incorporated. Talking Hands Incorporated is
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The event will run from 9 am to 4 pm, and cars will be tested by the children around 2pm. The modified toy cars will be donated to Early Childhood Center in Prince George’s County.

The modified cars give children with spina bifida, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and other mobility disabilities a chance to play and socialize with their peers more easily, said Logan, who is also an assistant professor in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at OSU.

Being pushed in a stroller or being carried from one place to another is fundamentally different from having active control over one’s own exploration, which is where the developmental gains are seen, he said.

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