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Obama hands off the presidency to Trump — and the burdens that go with it

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It is hard to recall another inauguration in which the television images of an incoming and outgoing president so vividly conveyed the psychic drama of the moment.
As Barack Obama and Donald Trump made their way Friday to the stage on the West Front of the Capitol, their body language spoke to an unimaginable burden being lifted from one set of shoulders and falling on another.

They made their way beside each other through the hallways of the Capitol, with Obama occasionally patting Trump on the back. Or was that, perhaps, a nudge forward?

Before Trump emerged into an overcast day and took in the crowd that awaited on the Mall, the incoming president paused. He has treated the weeks since his election as a triumphal victory lap; now, another race begins — one to secure his place in history with actual achievements.

SOURCE: The Washington Post

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Wizards get Troy Brown in first round of NBA Draft

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(WUSA 9) – UPS’ slogan used to be “What can brown do for you?”

The Washington Wizards are hoping a lot.

The Wizards selected Troy Brown, Jr. with the 15th pick overall in the 2018 NBA Draft.

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Prince George’s Co. offering big signing bonuses to lure teachers

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‘Baby Daddy’ Father’s Day Card Featuring a Black Couple Slammed by Shoppers

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“Baby Daddy” is a term used to refer to a man who is the father of a woman’s child whom she did not marry. American Greetings, the world’s biggest producer of greeting cards, decided to create cards for Father’s Day with a “Baby Daddy” theme and feature a silhouette of a Black man and woman.

President and Chief Executive Officer John W. Beeder, who began his position in April, leads American Greetings, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Beeder is at the helm of an all-white executive leadership team.

The inside of the “Baby Daddy” card says, “You’re a wonderful husband and father — and I’m so grateful to have you as my partner, my friend, and my baby daddy! Happy Father’s Day.”

However, it was the only card that featured a Black couple, inferring that “Baby Daddy” status is particular to Black men.

Read all at The Washington Informer

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