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Residents Look for Opportunity in Ward 8 Development

Urban Marketing Group Staff



Weeks ago, residents of Ward 8 faced off with managers of the Maple View Flats development on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Southeast for lack of neighborhood engagement in the project’s development.

For two consecutive days, the protesters sent workers home, shutting down the development worksite they said they were kept off of due to the construction company’s lack of hiring within the ward.

At a recent community meeting, Ward 8 Council member Trayon White bought the parties together to figure out how to move forward.

Residents remained laser-focused on finding employment opportunities within the $50 million development.

Read more @ The Washington Informer

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Anacostia Events

Review: ‘Happy Ending’ at Anacostia Playhouse

Urban Marketing Group Staff



Happy Ending is a one-act satirical comedy written in the 1960s by Douglas Turner Ward, co-founder of the Negro Ensemble Company. He had written an op-ed for the New York Times called “American Theatre: for Whites Only?” that prompted funding and other support for the new company. The NEC’s mission was to create theater by black playwrights from the black point of view primarily (not exclusively) for black audiences. It’s easy to forget what a radical notion about representation that was back then. For that memorial reason alone, the revival of Happy Ending just opened at Anacostia Playhouse is well worthy of attention.

But do not come expecting a museum piece—because this Happy Ending is fresh, funny, and bursting with song-and-dance pizzazz. Yes, song and dance! Director Ella Davis has juiced up this modern classic with a riot of musical numbers. Some of the tunes that embellish the zany storyline are familiar (“What a difference a day makes”); more are brand-new. As composed by Marion Johnson and performed by a spirited cast with big voices, they get the joint jumping. And by the time of the show’s happy ending (no spoiler: the title gives it away), Ward’s comic gem has jumped out of history into the hysterical present.

Read more at DC Metro Theatre Arts

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Anacostia Homes

Barry Farm Rally Saturday

Urban Marketing Group Staff



Demolition has begun on the Barry Farm site – but residents still live on the property who vow to hold on as long as possible. 
After a successful Zoning appeal, the DC Housing Authority is forced to amend the development plans, but unfortunately the appeal did not stop the demolition of vacated units. Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association has developed a list of priorities to ensure that the development benefits residents and serves as a model for community development, not another gentrification plan.  Please sign the petitionshowing your support for their vision.
 Join us Saturday as we bear witness to what is taking place, rally in support of the residents on the property, and lift up their demands to guide the future of this sacred ground.

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Anacostia Homes

Vacant D.C.-owned properties in Southeast could become affordable housing

Urban Marketing Group Staff



The District is seeking to have seven vacant properties it owns in Anacostia and Congress Heights redeveloped into affordable housing.

This week, the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) unveiled two development solicitations for the following Southeast sites: 1414 22nd St. SE, 1615 V St. SE, 1637 V St. SE, and 2206 16th St. SE in Anacostia; and 1444, 1452, and 1454 Alabama Ave. SE in Congress Heights, which are adjacent parcels.

Altogether measuring more than 29,000 square feet, the sites are part of a portfolio of dozens of vacant properties that DHCD manages. The Anacostia and Congress Heights properties range in size from 1,865 square feet to 6,277 square feet, per property records.

The housing agency wants redevelopment proposals that would provide units for families making up to roughly $94,000 a year, or 80 percent of the area median income (AMI) for a family of four. Below is a breakdown of AMIs by family size via Arlington County, which is part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metro Area as defined by the U.S. government.

Read more by Andrew Glambrone @ Curb HERE

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