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Saint Anger’s Hustla’s Corner: Interview with El Prezidino |

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El Prezidino: Hail To A DMV Chief of Originality


As I dive into this hip hop game of the DMV, certain sparks of light stand out more so than others. As a hip hop lover surrounded by “Lil Wayne” clones you constantly look for those artists that have a swag, originality and style of there own. The more I look at DMV artists, the more that light shines bright.

Brace your eyes for the star of Philly born; Virginia raised hip hop up & comer, El Prezidino. You might have heard of him from his shows last year in Signal Park Manassas or Christiansburg, VA. Or maybe from the buzz of his new EP The Illness. His passion and dedication to his music is evident in everything he does.

It’s clear to anyone that he loves hip hop due to his coming to the art. During his time of playing professional Indoor football for the Evansville Bluecats, he developed a mind frame of spirituality. His life was dedicated to his craft and his daily regiment for success. One day, by happenstance, he heard Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” and was never the same.

“Hearing “Jesus Walks” was like a flashbulb going off in my head. That was the true motivation that pushed me to start a career as a hip-hop artist.”

After composing some songs and talking to God about his desire, he made the decision to pursue his new found dream.

“When you recognize what you’re really supposed to do in life, you do it! The decision is clear!”

Years later you have the very polished, poised and energetic El Prezidino who his doing his part to prove that Virginia isn’t just for lovers, it’s for Hustlers too!

Why Hip Hop?

Music is my life. First song I ever heard was “Take On Me” by A-Ha. It had a major affect and it still gives me goosebumps when I hear it today. From there, it was Madonna, Michael Jackson, and MC Hammer. Hammer had a major influence on everyone (whether they admit it or not). He opened the door for hip hop world wide.

What sets you apart from other Hip Hop artists?

I’m passionate, clean but still edgy. I do no cursing in my music but it’s still more powerful than the cats whose music is filled with it (cursing). And, it’s more to being a good hip-hop artist than just rhyming words. You HAVE to be a good songwriter. Good storytelling is still the standard that separates the top artist from everyone else. And I pride myself on being a good songwriter. That, and the fact that I’ll be rocking with a 5 piece band when I perform live.

What’s the biggest show you ever done? Worst Show?

I did a Minnesota show and like 500 people showed up. It was crazy! Worst show was in the six grade where I got booed by the whole school. It motivated me to always rock a crowd, as if it was going to be the last show I ever did.

Are all promoters’ good promoters?

Well, I really can’t answer that question because I NEVER count on a promoter to promote a show for me. I think that’s the safe bet. If you and your team promote the show as if nobody is going to do it for you, then you’ll always come out satisfied. And if the promoter does promote the show, then it’s really just icing on the cake. But thankfully I’ve never had a bad experience with a promoter.

Open Mics?

No. Don’t do them.

Favorite track off you’re the Illness EP?

My favorite track has to be “Monster”! I don’t think there is a song on the market that is like it. The concept, the production, the lyrics….even the pattern to how the song was formatted is crazy!!

In your opinion, what is the state of Hip Hop and why?

Hip-hop is definitely on life support…..artistically anyway. It’s not dead, but the correlation between the lack of album sales and the lack of truly artistic hip-hop artist is noteworthy. I think fans are getting tired of the same old type of songs, same old type of artists, etc. True music fans can tell what artist is original and making good music, and who isn’t.

Favorite artist?


If you could say something to influence the next rising artist or those that aspire to become one, what would be your advice?

Be yourself, be original. Artists who are truly original will always last longer that an artist that tries to mimic what is the current “trend”, or mimic a certain “formula”. The top 5 hip-hop artist in the world do not sound like anybody else!!!

How do fans get in contact with you?

Well, I’m on MySpace like 100 times a day….and I’m on Facebook too. Or, you can hit me up at

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