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Little-Known Black History Facts: This Black Woman Helped Develop GPS Technology

Jae Alan



Gladys West never knew that her work at a U.S. Navy base in Virginia back in the 1950s and ’60s would play a pivotal role in creating a popular form of technology that is now incorporated into cell phones, cars, and social media.

For 42 years, the 87-year-old mathematician worked with a team of engineers that developed the Geographical Positioning System, or GPS, before retiring in 1998. West’s sorority sister, Gwen James, recently discovered the contributions that West made in GPS technology and wanted to share the news with The Associated Press.

“Her story is amazing,” said James, a fellow member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, to The AP. “GPS has changed the lives of everyone forever. There is not a segment of this global society—military, auto industry, cell phone industry, social media, parents, NASA, etc.—that does not utilize the Global Positioning System.”

After graduating from Virginia State University on a full academic scholarship, West began working as a math teacher for two years in Sussex County before obtaining her master’s degree. She then became the second black woman to join the Dahlgren, Virginia, naval base in 1956, where she was one of‌ only four black employees. During her stint, she collected location data from orbiting machines and input the data into giant supercomputers, while using early computer software to analyze surface elevations. She worked long days and nights recording satellite locations and on complex calculations. Although the work was tedious, West told The AP that she “was ecstatic” about the opportunity “to work with some of the greatest scientists.”

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Community DMV

Culture Report: February 2018 (Black History Month Edition)

Jae Alan




For the entire month of February we are curating a special campaign on our IG page in honor of Black History Month and the film release of Black Panther. #BlackonBlackLove is a celebration of Blackness through the ages and an opportunity to highlight some of our favorite creatives in the process.

Every day since the 1st of this month we have been sharing a variety of images and will continue to do so for the rest of the month. Check out a sample of and then head to our IG page for the full experience.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you already know that the most anticipated movie of the year drops on February 16th. We have been obsessing over #BlackPanther since Chadwick Boseman’s first appearance in Avengers: Civil War. Quiet as it kept, we hear Kat saw the movie several times in the theater because of Black Panther. Anywho, we have been counting down the movie release as part of our #BlackonBlackLove campaign and are excited to highlight fellow creatives also creatives hyped for #Wakanda in their own artisic ways. Check it out.
Tunes + Talk: Wakanda Edition
Aired: Saturday, January 27th
WPFW (89.FM)

Last month’s episode kicked off the #Wakanda roundtable with a disussion aboutthe upcoming #BlackPanther film release. Check out the January edition of #TunesandTalk as guests weigh in the woke levels of the new Marvel flick. Listen here.
Black Pepper Paperie
CiITIZEN Collection
Inspired the upcoming film release, visual and intuitive artist Hadiya Williams has created a funtastic line of Wakanda-centered items for the savvy #BlackPanther fan. This is a limited edition run features apparel, mugs, graphic prints and more. Check out the line here.
LISTEN: DJ Jahsonic-Drums for the King of Wakanda
DJ Jahsonic offers up a mix  fit for a king. He states, “As one of Africa’s many dispersed children, imagining what a fictitious, hyper modern African republic might sound like was something I had been doing for years. I wanted to place Wakanda within the context of the Africa of post-colonial pan-Africanist consciousness… ” Play here.
Kat’s Korner highlights the work of our fearless leader and head cultural architect, Risikat “Kat” Okedeyi. From articles, to podcasts, to appearances, Kat stays on the go, so make sure to follow her on her various social media platforms to keep up.
Tuesday, February 13th 6PM-9PM
Hosted by Risikat Okedeyi of LiL SoSo Productions, Wakanda 101 features writer and comic aficionado, Derrick Weston Brown who will facilitate a fun group discussion on the origins of Marvel’s Black Panther comic and animated series and explore the secret world of Wakanda, the African nation unknown to the outside world. Bring a dish or offer up a donation. RSVP here.

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Community DMV

FREE EVENT! Flip DC: Learn to Rehab Houses in the DMV | Saturday, February 17th

Jae Alan



Renovating a house is the biggest payday in real estate investing you can possibly make. Unfortunately, it’s also full of landmines that can take thousands of dollars to overcome. “FLIP, FUND AND BE FREE” is your roadmap to overcome all of the hurdles, find private lenders and money for deals, avoid the pitfalls, so you can get straight to the big paydays and invest profits like a true real estate mogul!

Rehabbing houses can potentially be extremely profitable, exciting and rewarding. It is our pleasure to share or knowledge and experience with bold, motivated individuals looking to expand their minds.

This is a complete A-Z course finding, buying, renovating and selling a property.

Topics include:

  • The Rehab Basics
  • Where to Find the Money (Not Yours) to Fund Your Deals
  • How to Make Offers that Win!
  • The Renovation Process
  • Handling Contractors with Grace and Rock Solid Contracts
  • How to Make at Least $5-10K More On Your Deals and Sell Fast!

      Join us Saturday, Feb 17th, 2017. Refreshments will be provided.



For More information visit

or email


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