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Women who received botched Zika testing give birth

Jae Alan



WASHINGTON — Last year they were pregnant and mistakenly told by a D.C. public health lab that they had tested negative for Zika. Now, these five women have given birth.

A D.C. government health lab told these pregnant women they were healthy, but one woman did have Zika, and four others may have been infected with the virus, The Washington Post reported.

There have been no cases of babies born in D.C. with microcephaly, a neurological condition associated with Zika where the baby is born with a small head, The Post reported. But health experts say other Zika-related birth defects might not show up for a year or more after birth — defects such as hearing loss, difficulty swallowing and cognitive, sensory and motor-skill problems.

The D.C. lab told at least nine pregnant women they had tested negative for Zika between July and December 2016. The virus testing scandal was made public Feb. 9, and more than 400 tests are being redone as a result of the botched testing at the lab, including the tests of more than 300 pregnant women.

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Community DMV

Please Support the Afro-American Newspaper

Jae Alan



News publications all across this country are struggling to survive,  the Afro-American Newspaper as well finds itself struggling to adjust to the changing times.  The Afro has no doubt been one of the most vibrant sources of news and information in the black community since 1892.  You can play an integral part in its ultimate revival as a vital and competitive institution for news and media by simply purchasing a $20 subscription of its e-Edition or a $60 subscription of its e-Edition and print newspaper.  The newspaper’s goal for the year is 10,000 new subscribers.

Please help the Afro reach its goal and  preserve one of the most influential resources of our time.   Go to today.

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Black Panther film inspires celebration of all things Africa

Jae Alan



As Marvel’s latest film Black Panther continues to blow box-office predictions out of the water, the film has also been instrumental in bringing African culture to the fore.

Starring Chadwick Boseman and a stellar cast that includes Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong’o and Angela Bassett, the superhero film is an Afrofuturistic vision – where science fiction and fantasy are infused with cultures of the African diaspora.

While the setting of Wakanda is a fictional country, it draws on plenty of real-life influences from African cultures around the continent, from the ritual scarring on Erik Killmonger’s ripped body, which originates from tribes in Ethiopia; to the Zulu headdresses predominantly worn in South Africa, seen on Queen Mother Ramonda.

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Anacostia Events

Jazz Brunch featuring Karen Lovejoy March 11, 3-5PM FREE

Jae Alan



In performance the Lovejoy name rings true. Her warm stage presence and harmonious tone resonates a kind of joy that leaves the music always hopeful. Karen knows that the blues is an integral part of jazz and will frequently add a twist of down home blues to her repertoire. Lovejoy has produced a number of original tunes including the title cut for the groups latest CD, Spellbound.
Have brunch at Capitol Hill Crabcakes in Anacostia Arts Center then enjoy the music for free!

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