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I have some important news to share—on Friday night, a federal judge in Texas ruled the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unconstitutional because of a recent change in tax law. This puts people with diabetes at serious risk of being denied coverage for their health care in the future.

What I want you, and all Americans to know, is that the Affordable Care Act is still in effect and will remain in place while this case is appealed. This process may take months, if not years, and it’s possible that the ruling may be appealed as far as the Supreme Court. And while we’re hopeful this decision will be overturned, we will continue to fight and give you, and all Diabetes Advocates the opportunity to join us in this advocacy each step of the way! When the new Congress convenes in January, we will insist that affordable quality health care for people with diabetes is a priority. The ADA has been deeply involved in this battle for health care, and we’re not going anywhere. For this case, the ADA joined an amicus (friend of the court) brief defending the Affordable Care Act.

We can’t go back to a time when people with diabetes and other conditions could be denied health insurance. In order to win our fight, we need to speak out to show that Americans overwhelmingly support the ACA. You can help by asking your friends and family to sign up as Diabetes Advocates at

If the ruling stands and the Affordable Care Act’s patient protections are struck down, over 100 million Americans living with preexisting conditions like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other serious or chronic conditions could be denied coverage or charged such high premiums that they may not be able to afford their coverage at all. As many people with diabetes will recall, this was often the case prior to the ACA. Because diabetes is the most expensive chronic health condition in the United States, access to affordable, adequate insurance is vital. Ultimately, without access to comprehensive insurance coverage, patients will be forced to delay, skip or not get the care they need.

Together, we will stand up for all people living with diabetes. Your voice makes a difference!

Thank you,

Amanda Kelly, VP of Grassroots & Internal Advocacy
Amanda Kelly
VP, Grassroots & Internal Advocacy




P.S. Ask your friends and family who care about diabetes and health care to sign up as ADA Advocates at and get updates and calls to action.

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