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Best Cities for Minority Entrepreneurs




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Miami and Los Angeles are just two of the major U.S. cities where minority entrepreneurs are thriving. But would the nation’s capital have been at the top of your list?  Or Orlando?

Our 2019 rankings of the Best Cities for Minority Entrepreneurs identify the top 10 cities for startup owners of color and minorities.  The cities in the top 10 rankings may surprise some people, but perhaps not other people

Our rankings are based on our latest research of U.S. Census data. The rankings reflect the percentage of entrepreneurs to the overall population in metropolitan areas of the United States. We also identify factors such as industry clusters, lifestyle, infrastructure, costs, workforce availability and a thriving startup community.

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If you hope to avoid the fate of failed entrepreneurs who have gone before you, it’s time you heard a few hard truths about startup marketing. While thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe are using the same fruitless marketing methods, street-smart entrepreneurs are pursuing lucrative customer-acquisition methods the wannabes fear to try. You can get a growth hacker to tell you that you ought to be on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Hacker News, but they won’t tell you the actual cost of all your wasted outreach efforts. If you want to know what it takes to build a company that survives (and maybe even flourishes), you need to wake up to the realities of growth marketing. Buckle up, baby; you’re in for a bumpy ride.


Getting on the front page of YCombinator’s Hacker News or Reddit’s r/startups won’t add a whole lot of paying customers to your client roster. Sure, your site visit numbers will spike for a day or two, but the majority of those visitors are tire-kickers and not your target market. It would be best if you were where your customers are and feed them valuable information over an extended period. Business blogging takes time, and SEO is a long-term endeavor, but the results speak for themselves. Convincing customers of your company’s value won’t happen in a Snapchat post or a cool picture on Instagram; prepare yourself for the long haul if you hope to succeed.2.


Customers don’t care one iota how much funding you have raised from investors. Seriously. Stop promoting your latest seed raise or flaunting your funding on TechCrunch. The only people who care about your seed/Series A funding are your investors (which gives them something to brag about on Twitter), your competitors, and your mama.


If you’ve accepted investor cash and your runway is shrinking by the minute, skimping on marketing is akin to taking your startup behind the barn and shooting it while it’s still moving. That marketing intern you’re thinking of hiring isn’t invested in the success of your company. Your marketing-wannabe cousin isn’t going to send droves of paying customers your way. Without a clear understanding of your preferred customer and their online/offline hangout preferences, your marketing efforts are all likely going to be for naught. If you do only one thing to improve the viability of your startup, dive into the data on your target customer. Don’t have detailed data? Oops. It would be best if you had thought about customer analysis before you launched your startup.


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These Ecom Experts Share Their Secrets To Succeeding As Digital Entrepreneurs



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Here is a list of an elite few of the top Ecommerce experts from all over the world, and their advice for how to break through the chatter and find success as a digital entrepreneur in the Ecom world

Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, has likely created more success stories across more industries than any other opportunity in the past century.  It has created a separate economy, all online, that has given entrepreneurs the opportunity to disrupt every industry.  Fashion, beauty, electronics, jewelry, cars and even the real estate industry, as well as every other retail and consumer-based industry has been affected by the rise of digital marketplaces.  Here is a list of an elite few of the top Ecommerce experts from all over the world, and their advice for how to break through the chatter and find success as a digital entrepreneur in the Ecom world.

Jordan Menard, CEO of Media Buyer Mastery

Read full article @ Entrepreneur

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You Definitely Need an Elevator Pitch. Here’s a Simple Way to Create One.



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What’s an elevator pitch? “It’s the rare ability to capture the interest and imagination of someone you have just met–in about the time it would take both of you to enter an elevator, travel down to the lobby level, and then cross the office building foyer together.”

That definition is by Mark Wiskup, author of The It Factor: Be the One People Like, Listen To, and Remember. Here’s why elevator pitches are so important, according to Wiskup: “Great communicators, those who connect quickly and strongly with others all the time, know how to communicate the essence of their message–succinctly and in a memorable way–whether or not there’s an elevator in sight.” 

Effective elevator pitches, writes Wiskup, are “memorable, vivid, and unique to your voice and the way you talk.”

Once you know how to deliver your elevator pitch, you can use it all the time: “at industry conferences, at community networking meetings, on soccer or Little League fields, or at the board meetings at church.”

There are many methods you can use to build a pitch–for example, here’s how to overcome many common obstacles–but today I’ll share Wiskup’s four-step approach:

1. Describe your business without using any (not even a little) jargon

“The first words that come out of your mouth in your elevator pitch should be a brief and memorable description of your business,” writes Wiskup.

Easy, right? Not so fast! “Here comes the hard part: I’m going to ask that your description exclude all industry jargon” because jargon “destroys your ability to be compelling and unique.”

By Alison Davis Founder and CEO, Davis & Company @alisonbdavis

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