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Venesha Interview

She is gearing up to release her highly anticipated second novel, NOTORIOUS, in just a few weeks. Mistress Me was her debut novel, which netted her three literary awards as well as solidified her entrance into the wonderful world of publishing. She has earned a total of four literary awards to date. Her personal life testimony can contest that she had experienced being a mistress for a short period of time. The work is that of a strong woman who experienced a lot of obstacles but still maintained a warrior like persona. Venesha is an African American novelist on the rise. With her own publishing as well as two novels under her belt, she is well on her way to reaching an astonishing goal.

How did you come up with the title of your current book Mistress Me?

Simply wanted to tell a new and urban story with a very old and taboo topic.

Can the story be compared to your life or to a life of a friend?

Maybe or maybe not. I don’t kiss and tell! *wink*

Can you see your works being an inspiration to this generation of women?

In the sense that dreams do come true. And, when you know better you should do better. I write stories to entertain with the hopes that women will see what’s behind door #1 and door #2. However, decide to go through door #3, which means to create your own options. I want my readers to know and realize that everything that glitters isn’t gold.

I’ve read that you have established your own publishing company Polka Dotz and Stripez. How did you accomplish this and why did you choose to do so?

PhotobucketOnce I wrote my first book the options were very limited. Wait on a publisher to *maybe* publish my book or create and control my own destiny. That decision was a no brainer. He who has goals makes their own rules!!!

How is it having your own publishing company and being able to release your own works under that company?

It’s difficult as well as empowering. Truthfully I can’t do half of what a major publishing company could do as far as getting my books in every bookstore. But, on the flipside of the game I invest all the money and I get a huge return…so it works for Venesha. It really depends on what your own personal idea of a success story is. I am the boss so it’s great to pick my own covers, select my release dates, work with the editors I want to, write about what I want, and etc. It’s a wonderful feeling to do what’s best for you versus what you are TOLD to do.

If you were ever offered a deal from a major publishing company would you accept that offer? What would it take for you to accept and still be able to keep Polka Dotz and Stripez?

I have been offered several publishing deals that I declined because it just wasn’t a good situation for me at that particular time. And, believe it or not money wasn’t the issue. It was the hidden clauses and the missing promises in the contracts that made me run the other way and continue to put out my own books. I don’t expect to be offered a marketing and promotional budget over the phone then get the contract and there is no mention of it. I also refuse to pay $9.00 a book- for copies of *my* books to sell at events. I personally don’t hustle backwards. I appreciated the options, but regretfully declined. Now, the third publishing deal-they passed…deciding to go with a different author that had more titles. That was a good situation but it didn’t work out.

PhotobucketAccepting a major publishing deal if and I say if- it’s a fabulous and fly situation for both parties would be cool. I don’t really make decisions based on money-it just needs to be an all around good deal. What many authors don’t understand…without a plan(marketing and promoting) to get the books to *fly off the shelves*(giggles)…why even take a deal? I don’t ever want to end up owing anyone for a huge advance because the books didn’t move. If there is no marketing and promotional budget or concrete plan to get those books to fly off the shelves-that may not be the ideal situation for Venesha. I have a lot of great opportunities that come my way, however sometimes the negotiations may go far and others simply won’t work at all-not for Venesha…because I can do quite a bit on my own-just me, myself, and I. If you can’t add to what I have already built I can’t allow you to come in and destroy my house.

How is it juggling being a mother as well as a busy author? Does it take a toll on you?

No, not at all. I have teenagers.

What has been your main inspiration behind becoming an author?

Knowing that I have different stories to tell always keeps me very motivated. I am more of a reality type writer. I write realistic type stories and take the readers behind the scenes of certain lifestyles your average books don’t. My stories stand out because I have been inside and I tell the stories usually from that aspect…that’s hard to pull off if you don’t have those bling experiences. Raw emotions and feelings come off extremely well in Urban Fiction and Street Literature.

I can see that you will have a bright future in writing ahead of you! What kind of status as an author are you trying to achieve?

My main objective is to put out great stories. I am more concerned with quality versus quantities. If I write a story and my editor feels it needs more work then I have to give it my all. I can’t be in such a rush that my work is not quality. If you have out five books versus two and the writing and storyline is weak- well that says a lot about you in addition to how serious you take your craft.

Many authors have had their books incorporated into a movie. Would you ever decide to take that step?

A lot of readers do say they would love to see Mistress as a movie but we’ll see.

Are there any upcoming novels that we should be on the look out for?

Yes, Notorious will be out in a little under a month.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author on how to push to achieve their goals?

Your goals are just that YOURS. Don’t look to other people or authors to validate you. You do not need others to co-sign your dreams and usually they will not. When I wrote my first book I just wrote the book and did not tell anyone I was writing a book until I was nearly done. Have goals, plans, and back up plans. Don’t be crushed when you get a rejection letter or two because that’s a part of the industry. If a situation doesn’t open up for you- create your own. Where there is a will there is always a way. Make your journey your own. It’s nearly impossible to duplicate someone else’s success. And, why should you when your success is all the success YOU need!

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  1. VonVitto

    August 28, 2009 at 4:27 pm

    I love Venesha’s style of writing. She says what all women wish they had the courage to. I wish her nothing but success in all that she touches. Can’t wait to meet her in person for an autographed book *hint* (if you’re reading this Venesha) I’m also anticipating NOTORIOUS and the next ones to come and also seeing her name on the New York’s Best Sellers List real soon.

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  3. Dawn Michelle

    October 9, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    Venesha is a very creative and passionate author. Her own terms, time, and tempo–she is a silent killer with her pen.
    Sleep no more. Venesha went from “Break Out Author” of 2007(AALAS) and she hasn’t looked back. Skies the limit for this midwest princess with a pen. Dream Relations Approved!!

  4. Nikki Williams

    August 12, 2012 at 7:14 pm

    so is this part 2 of Mistress Me

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