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Business Cards: How a Tiny Piece of Cardstock Can Make a Lasting Impression – Check This Deal Out



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Business cards can be a memorable way to get a customer’s attention. Here’s how to design and use them to your advantage.

In a digital world where that personal touch may seem like a thing of the past, business cards are still highly effective marketing tools. Believe it or not, just a small piece of cardstock can make a huge difference when establishing a good rapport with a current or potential customer.

Business cards are a great way to leave a positive impression with someone, so here is how to make them count.

1. Balance Creativity & Professionalism

With so many online services that provide thousands of templates for creating a business card, it can be  tempting to get  carried away with crazy designs. You want your business card to ensure that the customer remembers you, but you also don’t want to over-do it.

Remember to design your card based on your industry and  make your name/logo the largest element on the card. If you are a clothing store, you may want to use  bold colors. If you work in finance, then keep the design a little more conservative. When in doubt, look at some business card examples online or cards you have received through transactions to help you create yours.

2. Include the Right Information

Aside from the design and layout of the business card, the information is the key component. You want to make sure that you include at the minimum: your business name, your name, and your contact information in the form of a phone number and email address.

If you want to go a step further you can also include a link to a website, social media profile or review site. Just be sure to space out this information evenly so that it is easy to read when you hand it off to someone. You don’t want to cram too much information on a card and make the design appear cluttered.

3. Hand Them Out

When you utilize a business card printing service, you will most likely end up with hundreds of little cards. Don’t be stingy with them — hand them out at every chance you deem appropriate. They won’t do any good sitting at home.

It’s best  to always carry at least a handful of business cards with you when you are doing a job or out in public. You never know when the perfect networking opportunity could present itself, and these small pieces of cardstock are prefect for helping new contacts remember you. If you want to take a step further, always had out more than one business card so that your contact can pass it to someone else and refer you!


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CURLFEST 2019 was not just about promoting established beauty brands. It gave young women a chance to share their up-and-coming businesses with their fellow attendees and also gave them access to women who already have skin in the game. As the founders of CURLFEST can attest to, building a business means stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there. Not only did we learn that from the Curly Girl Collective, but we learned it at the various panels especially the “About Her Business” panel presented by BET Her!

As moderator and senior vice president of BET Her, Stacey Hellman let us all know that Black women are not only the most educated group in America, but we are also booming business owners and start businesses more than any other demographic. Unfortunately, she informed us that Black women’s businesses fail at nine times the rate of any other group due to things like “access to capital, marketing and distribution.”

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I remember when I first moved to DC, it seemed like you couldn’t get in a taxi without hearing the mellifluous tones of Kojo Nnamdi asking important questions about life in our city. Now, you have a chance to watch him in action during a live taping of his show, on location from 6 to 8 pm on Tuesday, July 30 at the Anacostia Playhouse, 2020 Shannon Place SE, “to talk about the landscape of local businesses, jobs and entrepreneurship in Ward 8.”

Kojo will ask, “what does it take to open a business in a neighborhood that some residents feel has traditionally lacked shops, restaurants, and entertainment? As development ramps up East of the River—a new sports and entertainment arena in Congress Heights, Busboys and Poets in Anacostia, along with smaller local businesses—are longtime business owners, new entrepreneurs, and job seekers able to take advantage of the new growth? What are the businesses that are setting up shop—and will they serve the community surrounding them?

Register to attend here, and heed the organizers’ note that “seating is limited – first-come, first-served. Although registration is strongly recommended, it does not guarantee a seat.”

Don’t forget about our hot event: Join GGWash and the Urban Land Institute (ULI) Washington on Thursday, August 8, 6-8 pm at 700 Pennslyvania Avenue SE for a panel discussion about climate change, extreme urban heat, and resilience efforts that are happening in our own backyard. This event is $10 for GGWash Neighbors and $20 for the general public (note that prices increase by $5 after August 4). Neighbors can look for an email with the registration code or contact Jane Green. Not yet a GGWash Neighbor? Join today!

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