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Thank you for considering GoGoRadio LIVE as a means to enhance your visibility! We are the official station of Go-Go music and culture (and our numbers prove it).



Consumers worldwide are embracing internet radio on an increasing range of devices. Listening to the radio station of your choice is nowadays not limited to the area where you live and not to the radio in your car or sitting in the lounge.

Listeners have access to their favorite music 24/7. More people, therefore, get to listen to online radio. This is a brilliant opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers listening on tablets, PCS, smartphone, and laptops from all over the globe anytime.

With the advancement of the internet and development of tech devices. Live streaming is today a way of life for most people around the world.

You are losing out on opportunities to reach large audiences in mass, cost-effectively, if you are not considering this as a means to advertise.


  • Selective Targeting: Radio station already targets specific demographics and market segments
  • Increased frequency: Advertising works with frequency and reaching your audience repeatedly.
  • Cost-effective (save money)
  • Time-efficient (save money)
  • Measurable results
  • Longer listening
  • Wide Variety and Choice: There is a growing shift towards online listening since it offers greater freedom in terms of choice and variety. It has no limitation of geographical distance or boundaries from antennae, and almost anything is within your reach.


  • We reach consumers that are highly engaged with urban lifestyle and culture
  • We reach attendees and supporters of the local community, social, and live events
  • Our audience regularly purchase products and services that serve urban communities
  • We reach lovers of “live” urban music (specifically the “Go-Go” music genre)
  • Our audience age parameters range from 24-50 years old (working and educated professionals)
  • 40,000+ Facebook followers and growing.
  • 17.8 Instagram followers and growing
  • 50K+ listeners per month via mobile app
  • 15,000 viewers per 24 hours between YouTube & Facebook LIVE
  • 2.8K opt in subscribers for email and mobile text promotions


  • Commercial advertising and on-air promotions
  • Dedicated email promotions
  • Live video stream advertising
  • Mobile app advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Show and/or station sponsorship

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