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We have over 27,000 + email opt-in subscribers (and growing by the day)! Email marketing is very cost effective way to promote announcements, products, services, and events to our subscribers.

Our customers can choose to simply deploy their email campaign to our subscribers or execute something more strategic like a drip campaign or A/B testing to enhance open rates, click through rates, and social shares.

We have over 1,800 + mobile text opt-in subscribers. 98% of mobile texts are received and read making it an extremely.

We also promote our customer’s campaigns by strategically publishing them to the social media networks, groups, and communities that we manage, reaching thousands more via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Our analytics show that our audience is highly engaged with our emails, mobile text messages, and social media posts.  We track everything for reporting.

In addition to opportunities for customers to reach and promote to our opt-in’s, we can also:

  • grow your email and mobile lists through on going promotions and contests
  • manage your opt in lists and marketing campaigns that target your subscribers
  • grow your social media networks and manage your promotions
  • manage and respond to customer inquires and reviews/testimonials

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