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Date(s) - 06/20/2019 - 06/22/2019
12:00 am

The Willard Hotel

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Please find attached your invitation to our 7th annual Black Republican Trailblazer Awards Dinner and Economic Summit.  This is the largest gathering of minority conservative entrepreneurs in the U.S.

If you are looking to cultivate relationships with some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the U.S., then this event is the one for you!

Please buy your table or tickets by June 1st.

Black Americans for a Better Future Education Fund

We established Black Americans for a Better Future Educational Fund, a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, as a grassroots conservative issue advocacy group for the purposes of educating and actively involving more minorities in promoting conservative values and policies.  This will include Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians.  Our focus is strictly on minority entrepreneurs.

Within the various minority groups, entrepreneurs tend to be the leaders of their communities and are the major job creators within the U.S.

Six years ago, I created our first annual Black Republican Trailblazer Award Luncheon.  It has become the signature Black History Month event for conservative entrepreneurs throughout the country.  To see videos and photos of our previous events:




The purpose of the event is to honor Black Republicans who meet three criteria:

*made significant contributions to America

*made significant contributions to the Black community

*made significant contribution to the Republican Party

They must meet all three to qualify for our award.  Previous honorees have been:  William T. Coleman, the first Black to graduate from Harvard College’s Law School and wrote the legal brief for Brown v. Board of Education, and was a law partner with Justice Thurgood Marshall; Robert L. Brown, the highest ranking Black in the Nixon Administration; Jennifer Carroll, the first Black to win state-wide office in Florida, serving as the state’s first Black Lt. Governor; and Herman Cain, former presidential candidate and businessman.

This year we will add a couple of new dimensions to our event.  June marks the beginning of Black Music Month as well as the 400th year since the first Black slaves landed in America, in Jamestown, VA.  We will have a panel with major players to commemorate these two events.

Thursday evening, we will host a VIP Congressional reception with our sponsors and our honorees.

Friday during the day, we will host our day-long entrepreneur’s summit.  This will be the largest gathering of conservative minority entrepreneurs in the county.

We will have about 200 minority entrepreneurs from various industry sectors:  IT, CPA, Construction, Engineering, Transportation, Finance, and Wall Street etc.

We want to invite CEOs of Fortunate 500 companies and high-level governmental officials to speak at our conference (Boeing, Pepsi, AT&T, Google, Trump Administration, members of the House and Senate, etc.).

Friday evening, we will have our VIP reception and panel discussion with our honorees; then have a private concert by a major R&B artist.

Saturday evening, we will have our reception and awards dinner with our honorees.

We are in discussions to possibly television our awards dinner to a national audience.  We will also webcast the economic forum on Friday.

Televising a major event with Black conservatives would be historic, as it has never happened before.


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5 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



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Are you a novice to affiliate marketing? Are you coveting to make whopping profit from affiliate programs but miserably lacking? Where did you go wrong? What mistakes have you done to get a negative result? I am sure that as a beginner you must be looking for some pro help.

Don’t worry. We all did many blunders in the past and acquired experience from that. They say, “Failure makes you wiser”. Nevertheless, learning from someone else’s mistakes and experiences make you sharp and prevent you from numerous disasters and agony.

10 Mistakes That You Must Avoid as a Beginner in Affiliate Marketing

Here, we are to share some of bloopers that you must not repeat in your affiliate marketing endeavor:

1. I Can Earn From Day 1:

It is obvious. Website monetization is not a magic wand that you move, and it will not rain money. Affiliate programs drive upon a number of clicks on the affiliate links on your website or blog. For that, you need visitors and guest on your blog. Even though you have visitors, it might not pledge 100 percent clicks on the affiliate link.

So, have patience. You are not going to create a football team and be immediately one of the favorites in the Super Bowl odds. Everything takes its time, in sports and in life.

Instead of catching many clicks, emphasis on getting more visitors. It is a naive logic. Let us say, you get 1000 visitors a day on your blog; you can expect at least 50-100 clicks on the affiliate links. As the number of organic visitors increases, you can envisage an increasing number of clicks on the affiliate programs linked to your blog.

2. I Do Not Need Email Subscribers:

It is the most generic mistakes a beginner does. You normally start collecting e-mail subscribers’ data after 5 months of your first blog. Why do you need e-mail subscribers? How e-mails can aid you in a soaring website monetization? We know these questions are compelling your brain dizzy. Let us make it easier for you to understand.

If you have a list of e-mail subscribers, you can send them a notification e-mail as soon you publish a new blog. If only 25% of the subscribers open your blog link, you get the instant response of these 25% people. Out of this 25%, you can expect a minimum of 10% of people to click on the affiliate links. This helps you to have assured and instant clicks.

3. I Can Guarantee the Number of Visitors to My Website:

When in your life you cannot guarantee the next moment, you cannot be surefire about the number of visitors. Visitors do not come themselves, but you have to entice them. Now again your next question would be, how can you attract the visitors to your blog?

Well, let us be honest here. There is not a sure mantra to lure visitors. However, some proven ways help bloggers to upsurge the number of visitors gradually. Let us share the secret.

  • Write and publish many quality blogs regularly.
  • Use link building tricks
  • Share and advertise your blog on every social media platform
  • Use SEO and SEM to attract visitors
  • Write real and factual blogs to gain loyal visitors.

4. It Is Not Working for Me, Let Me Jump On Another:

Have patience, and do not expect for a quick result or some magic. If you think to make it big in a few days, you need to work hard patiently. Affiliate marketing needs planning, implementing strategies, and time. It takes almost 5-6 months to start getting profit from affiliate programs.

You cannot discard an affiliate just after a few days or weeks. Instead of changing affiliates frequently, focus on a few steady affiliates for 6-7 months.

5. I Can Choose Any Niche for My Blog:

Well, yes. You can choose any niche for your blog. However, are you sure you can do justice with any niche? If you have chosen a niche because that niche is a hot cake in the affiliate programs, you get it erroneous. Affiliate marketing is enormous in size. It has spaces for every kind of niches.

The accomplishment of a blog does not depend only on a niche but there are various other factors associated with it. If you chose a niche you are not comfortable to write on, you have probably chosen an immediate suicide for your business. Go with a field you know well. It will help you to chart up in the rank and increase the organic traffic to your blog.

To sum up, affiliate marketing is not a piece of cake. If you are a beginner in this field, you need to choose your game wisely. Failure is normal and being persistent is the key. So, if you are not getting the desired result in the website monetization, analyze what you have done wrong. Learn from your mistakes and get help from the experienced. That is the only way to hit the nail on the head.

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