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PLEASE NOTE We only offer this service in the Washington, DC region (including Maryland and Northern Virginia).

Finding and working with a trustworthy distribution team is very tough!

  • How do you know the team you hired did the job they were paid for? Not a portion of the distribution project, but the entire job?
  • How do you know the team you hired represents you appropriately in the public eye?
  • How do you know that team you hired cares about your success?

Don’t place your trust on inexperience teams trying to save yourself a buck. You can’t risk your items being placed in the trash while the team you thought was working on your behalf is out enjoying ice cream (with your money).

Hire a group of professionals (that’s us btw) you can count on (read TESTIMONIALS)! Our team has years of community distribution experience!

We provide the most reliable, trustworthy, and professional distribution service in this region PERIOD.

We distribute and post:

  • …and more!

All distribution jobs include:

  • Pictures for your social media marketing! Show the world how much the community loves you!
  • Option for our team to dress in attire that represents your organization
  • Hourly check-in and communication (if requested)
  • Unlimited smiles 🙂

PLEASE NOTE  distribution service, travel expenses, community engagement, weather, and safety concerns are all factored into our rates.


  • Click HERE or “next page” to customize your order or to order a specific service
  • Click HERE to order PRINTING

Questions or concerns? Contact us HERE or your consultant.


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