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GODIFY: Christian Entertainment’s Newest Streaming Service – submit music, comedy, and videos TODAY!




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A new streaming service of the same caliber as Tidal or Apple Music has finally arrived for Christians and its name is GODIFY
Visit Godify

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Create a successful Instagram Stories content plan





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#1: Establish a Theme and Style for Your Instagram Stories Content

As with most of your online marketing efforts, your Instagram stories should have a cohesive style that makes them uniquely yours. The content is visual and fast-moving so it should both appeal to your audience and reflect your branding and style.

When creating your Instagram stories, you’ll want to think about:

For my Instagram stories, I almost always use the girly, cursive Neon font. And I incorporate a lot of pink into my text color, images, and backgrounds. I’m also partial to the Buenos Aires and Oslo Stories filters. This keeps my stories consistent and recognizable regardless if they’re text-, photo-, or video-based.

Read full story at Social Media Examiner

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11 Surprising Resume Secrets of a Google Recruiter (Google Reviews 50,000 Resumes a Week)



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Does your résumé have what it takes to stand out?

If you’re applying for a competitive job or position, you know the highly sought-after employer you have your eyes on is not going to accept just anyone. Hiring managers want the best of the best, and that means all application materials you submit should be free of errors and perfectly crafted. That’s a given.

But what else can you do to make your résumé stand out in a good way?

In a Google video, recruiter Rebecca and software engineer Kendall have all the secrets. And since Google fields more than 50,000 applicants a week, I suspect they know what they’re talking about.

Here are 11 résumé secrets from these two Google hiring experts.

1. Be concise and don’t be afraid to brag. Be precise in the description of your job experience, but don’t be shy when it comes to describing the selective process you went through in order to be selected for a role or project.

2. Keep your résumé to just one or two pages. Include relevant information only, and edit, edit, edit.

3. Use action-oriented language. Use verbs such as “negotiated,” “developed,” “managed,” “led,” and so forth.

4. Write the résumé for the job description. Read the job description and study how it’s written. Then, write the résumé specifically for that job description–tailoring it to the duties and requirements.

5. Use data and examples. You should be able to highlight your accomplishments in current and past positions with data and examples that support them.

6. Make pertinent information quick and easy to find. Avoid the fluff–get right to the good stuff.

Read the entire article By Peter EconomyThe Leadership Guy@bizzwriter here @

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Beware of Facebook Groups. Long Live Communities!



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Back in the Day… Facebook Was for Us All

In the early days, there were transformational opportunities for nearly any business that was involved with Facebook.

By 2009, businesses were coming off of a major market crash.

They were desperately seeking economical alternatives to promote their products and services.

In those days, any business could rapidly grow a Facebook following and fans would see what the page posted.

Comments were plentiful. People were REALLY engaged. And it was all free.

Businesses Help Facebook Grow

By 2011, businesses were heavily promoting Facebook—from printing the Facebook logo on their products to mentioning the platform in their ads.

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