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H.S. wrestler forced to cut dreadlocks; viral video stirs questions of whether race was factor



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A New Jersey high school wrestler was reportedly forced to cut his hair this week before competing in a match in an incident that has stirred questions about whether race was involved in the decision.

According to SNJ Today, Buena High School wrestler Andrew Johnson, who is black, was told by a white referee that he would have to cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit during Wednesday’s meet with Oakcrest High School. Johnson and his coaches initially protested the decision before the wrestler ultimately agreed to the quick haircut in a video posted by SNJ Today that has gone viral.

Johnson had intended to cover his dreadlocks with a hair cap, as is permitted by national and state rules, but was not allowed to do so, according to the report.

SNJ Today reports that the coaches tried to defend Johnson against the referee’s decision before an injury time clock was started that would have led to a forfeit. A team trainer performed the haircut on Johnson.

Johnson would win his 120-pound match with a takedown in overtime. He had previously competed in one other match this season without incident.

Based on video of the match, the referee has been identified as the same person who in 2016 offered to go through sensitivity training and an alcohol awareness program after he reportedly used the N-word toward another official, according to the Cherry Hill (N.J.) Courier-Post.

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5 Ways to Use Psychology to Improve Your Content Marketing





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Psychology is the cornerstone of all marketing – especially the psychology of persuasion.

Unfortunately, some marketing has evil potential. Think of cigarette ads of yesteryears or those Facebook ads where a digital marketing agency is guaranteed #1 on Google.

Nowadays, we see companies of all sizes promote unfair promises while hiding behind BS awards or previous successes but no growth of character or business since those awards or achievements.

Although these marketeers with evil intentions and practices exist, the remaining ones – thankfully the bulk of them – have positive intentions.

I once gravitated toward the malignant types, but learned my lessons and will only work with those of genuine and ethical purposes.

Happiness spreads, and it’s a marketer’s job to ultimately spread that happiness. Turbocharge it. Make it part of your personal, business, or agency’s mission statement.

The quickest route forward is to impress and influence for the good, which has a natural byproduct of happier people and increased ROI.

To do so, consider using the following psychological principles within your content marketing.

Many of the strategies discussed below are rooted in principles found in Robert B. Cialdini’s “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. Read that book.

Read full story @ Search Engine Journal

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Women Entrepreneurs Get Another Funding Option





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No surprise, women entrepreneurs have a harder time raising capital than their male counterparts. However, it is scaling companies — the 1% of companies raising venture capital to grow to be billion-dollar companies — that get all of the media attention. Far more entrepreneurs have more modest growth goals. These companies are more likely to seek loans.

Whether debt or equity, women-owned businesses use fewer types of financing options than their male counterparts, according to the 2016 Small Business Credit Survey: Report on Women-Owned Firms. Even when they are a low credit risk, they are less likely to get approved for a loan: 68% compared to 78% for their male counterparts.

Read full story @ Forbes

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20 new content ideas for the social media savvy business





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So your business already has an active social media presence, you’ve already got a well-researched strategy, and you’re feeling pretty savvy when it comes to marketing your business over social networks.

Believe it or not, now isn’t the time to say ‘mission accomplished’ and start high fiving your colleagues. A social media content strategy should be in constant development; changing with the trends and shifting with your engagement levels.

With that in mind, here are some less-than-basic content ideas that you may not have tried before…

New content ideas for businesses on social media

1. Weekly challenges – People love to be challenged. Whether it’s an industry-relevant riddle or a mini Wordsearch, it’ll offer your audience a great incentive to return to your social channels week by week.

2. Fill in the caption – A great idea for Instagram is to post an image and ask your followers to suggest the caption. Ideally, caption suggestions will be fairly amusing.

3. Live video – Live video is always popular. Give your followers a tour of the office, or host a tutorial or webinar.

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