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How to Use Facebook Live in Your Marketing: An 8-Step Plan




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Looking for proven ways to reach and engage your Facebook fans? Wondering how live video could help?

In this article, you’ll learn how to use Facebook Live as the cornerstone of your marketing efforts.
How to Use Facebook Live in Your Marketing: An 8-Step Plan by Desiree Martinez on Social Media Examiner.

Why Facebook Live Video Is Still Relevant for Businesses and Marketers

When it comes to video, Facebook wants pages to focus on creating content that’s original, engages viewers, and has longer view times. Facebook has also said that it will “limit distribution for unoriginal or repurposed content from other sources with limited or immaterial added value.”

Because Facebook wants users to stay on the platform and consume content, videos that capture and engage viewers will be given preferential treatment, especially if views are at least 3 minutes long.

A well-planned Facebook Live broadcast is a great way to share thoughtful, long-form content that engages viewers, ultimately playing to the algorithm.

Using live video as the catalyst for your video marketing will require some thought and a plan to make sure your broadcasts provide value to viewers. Here’s how to get started creating a Facebook Live video strategy for your business.

#1: Define the Audience for Your Facebook Live Video
You aren’t creating Facebook Live content just to make Facebook happy; you also need to provide value to your audience. So whom do you want to reach with your live streams? Take some time to review your customer avatar and look at your analytics to identify the people to whom you’ll be talking.

#2: Identify Business Goals for Your Facebook Live Broadcasts
As with all of your social media content, every Facebook Live broadcast should serve a purpose. What do you want to accomplish with your live streams?

Information about who your live video viewers are and how long they’re watching is revealed in your analytics. Find out what content people are engaging with and where they’re dropping off during your broadcasts. Use this information to improve your live video and build brand awareness for your page, product, or service.

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Feature Your Event in the African Beat? – FREE




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Want Your Event Featured in the African Beat?

‘The African Beat’ is distributed to over 8,000 subscribers every other Friday. If you would like your event to be featured in our newsletter, please submit the following details: what, when & where, and provide a link to where readers can go for more information. Submission deadline for the next edition is Wednesday, July 24, 2019 by 5:00 pm. Send all materials, along with any questions, to

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Tips to make amazing photos from Plotaverse and Photofocus




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3 Tips for Better Smartphone Pics



Your phone lives in a pocket or a purse…. as a result it often gets dirty or smudged. Fingerprints, sunscreen, dust or grease can get on the lens can really lower the quality of your photos. Always wipe the lens off before you shoot. A lens cloth is a great addition to your pocket, but even a soft shirt will help.



Most phones simply use a digital zoom. This means when you pinch to zoom you’re usually just scaling and cropping the image inside the camera. Instead of zooming, try walking. Or get a new lens!



If your camera is moving, you’ll may get a blurred image. This is particularly true when shooting at night or in low light. Try bracing the camera for stability. It could be as simple as tucking your elbows into your body or try out a new mini tripod.

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How to Use LinkedIn to Turn Cold Prospects Into Warm Leads




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Do you want more warm leads from LinkedIn? Wondering how to use LinkedIn to schedule more calls or meetings with new leads?

In this article, you’ll discover how to use four LinkedIn marketing features to nurture leads.
How to Use LinkedIn to Turn Cold Prospects Into Warm Leads by Josh Turner on Social Media Examiner.

#1: Recommend a Group Post for More Exposure to All LinkedIn Group Members

In the past, LinkedIn groups have had a kind of ghost-town feel. Instead of fostering connection, networking, and engagement, they were a den of self-promotion. As part of LinkedIn’s efforts to change this, groups are now part of the main LinkedIn platform instead of a side feature. It’s now easier to access them from the home page, and your group conversations have more visibility in the main feed.

LinkedIn groups used to allow group owners to deliver announcements to all group members via group messaging. Now group members will be informed of group updates and conversations via LinkedIn notifications in the LinkedIn app and on the home page.

Although groups have had their drawbacks, they’re fantastic positioning tools, even if your group doesn’t yet have the engagement you want to see.

As a group owner, it’s easier to stay top of mind because LinkedIn has a feature that lets you control which posts are promoted to your members. To recommend a group post, make sure you’re logged in as an admin to the group. Then navigate to the post you want to promote.

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