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Master the Art of Instagram for Marketing with these 4 Tips

Urban Marketing Group Staff



When you look at Instagram, it appears to have the brightest future of any of the major social networking platforms. Not only is it popular, but it centers on the type of visual content internet users are looking for. Is your brand making the most of the opportunity to leverage Instagram as a marketing tool?

4 Things Top Brands Do on Instagram

Instagram gives businesses — small and large — the sort of access and visibility that was unthinkable in the past. It’s a free platform with ample resources and significant market penetration. But there’s a difference between maintaining a lazy profile and investing the time and resources required to really make some noise. Let’s check out some of the top things exceptional brands do differently:

1. Contests and Giveaways

Social media is meant to be interactive. If you’re treating it like a one-way street where you’re doing all of the talking, you have a skewed view of what Instagram is about. It’s intended to be a two-way channel where brands and followers interact. One way leading brands facilitate this seamless interaction is via contests and giveaways.

Holding an Instagram giveaway is relatively simple and extremely cost-effective. By following a basic structure, you can gain significant traction in a short period of time (while simultaneously encouraging the creation of user-generated content).

2. Content Consistency

Do you know what every successful Instagram profile has in common? They’re consistent. From the subject matter of the pictures to the colors and filters used, top accounts understand the need for consistency as it relates to brand integrity. How are you doing in this area?

“Post pictures that are congruent with your main theme. Avoid posts that are not 100 percent in line with your company and values,” digital marketing expert Neil Patel advises. “Pick a color palette that is similar to your company’s website and logo and use it for all of your photos. Also, make sure that you are using the same filter across all of your pictures. This will help your posts become instantly recognizable to your audience.”

3. Audience Engagement

We briefly touched on the importance of treating Instagram like a two-way street with contests and giveaways, but you need to be engaging your audience all the time. This looks different for every brand, but often involves things like asking questions, responding to comments, and encouraging audience participation. It certainly takes some extra time and effort to engage, but the brand loyalty it establishes is irreplaceable.

4. Hashtag Strategies

Hashtags aren’t just trendy, ironic little elements that people add to comments. Remember, hashtags exist as a method for organizing content and helping brands cut through the noise. If you want to reach beyond your current group of followers, a hashtag strategy can get you where you need to be.

When choosing hashtags, do your research and look for ones that are closely related to your niche and relevant to your audience. It’s also wise to throw in some branded hashtags as a way of being unique and memorable.

Develop Your Own Instagram Strategy

If you want to maximize the value of Instagram as a marketing tool, you need to create a strategy. In other words, there has to be some intention behind what you’re doing. Randomly publishing pictures with no rhyme or reason will have a severely limited impact and will likely prevent you from experiencing any sort of significant results.


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Anacostia News

The Urban Marketing Group & Mahogany Books in Synergy to Promote Afro-American Literature

Urban Marketing Group Staff



Southeast Washington, DC  — If books are to reach their targeted audience, they need the right advertising and marketing. The Urban Marketing Group recently partnered with Anacostia’s MahoganyBooks (an innovative bookstore dealing with the sales of African American themed books), to offer publishers and authors of books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora American themed books affordable advertising and marketing packages that will enhance the visibility of their books to the targeted segment and in the long run, increase sales.

MahoganyBooks is a local independent bookstore that believes in social entrepreneurship and takes leadership role in the African American community by promoting reading, writing, and cultural awareness as tools to improve self-esteem, self-love and ultimately to enrich the lives of motivated individuals. MahoganyBooks is dedicated to meeting the literary needs of readers in search of books written for, by, or about people of the African Diaspora. With over 20 years of combined experience in the retail book industry, the store has witnessed the book industry’s highs and lows.

The Urban Marketing Group has long been an agency that connects entrepreneurs, business owners, and non-profits to consumers engaged in urban lifestyle and culture. The agency publishes content that educates, entertains, and empowers a highly influential audience. The agency’s team provides cost effective solutions that enhance the visibility of customers among urban consumers both locally (DMV) and nationally (USA).

MahoganyBooks and The Urban Marketing Group recently aligned forces to offer affordable advertising and marketing for Afro-American literature in order to get the books across to the people who need them. With MahoganyBooks tremendous stock of Afro-American literature and The Urban Marketing Group’s skill in creating connections and reaching targeted audiences, the partnership hopes to yield benefits not only to both parties, but to the authors and publishers of African American literature, and to everyone who loves to read them as well. The advertising and marketing packages available go for Intro (basic), Comprehensive (standard) and Premium packages.

“The partnership will offer a lot of things to Afro-American authors and publishers and will include book advertisements featured on the MahoganyBook store’s in-store digital console, dedicated emails sent to local book buyers, book advertorial published and archived to the “Books in the Spotlight” section of, website banner ad featured on, social media marketing posts promoting your book via Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Instagram from local book buyer groups. You can also track the advertising and marketing progress of your book. At the end of the program, Afro-American writers will be issued a free report of the entire process.” A representative from both groups remarked in a statement released about the partnership.

For more information about the partnership, please visit or request for customized orders of AfroAmerican books by calling Jason Easley on 202-594-9899.

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Urban Marketing Group Staff



Nike’s stock may be down, but its social media impressions are drastically up following the launch of its new ad campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, one of the most polarizing athletes in sports.

The billion-dollar athletic apparel company marked the 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” campaign with a new ad on Monday that pictures a close-up of Kaepernick with the words “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.” The former NFL quarterback has not played professional football since he was signed with the San Francisco 49er in 2016 and began kneeling during the national anthem in protest of police brutality and racial injustice. The #TakeAKneeprotest has triggered both an outpour of support and a firestorm of backlash from critics like President Donald Trump, who call the protest unpatriotic and disrespectful toward the American flag and military servicemen and servicewomen.

Rather than remaining neutral in the heated debate, Nike placed the 30-year-old athlete at the center of a major campaign, sparking an emotional fray on social media. Critics vowed not to purchase Nike products using hashtags like #NikeBoycott and #JustDont. Others went as far as to burn or cut their swoosh-branded clothes and sneakers.

According to social media analytics firm Talkwaker, there have been more than 2.7 million mentions of Nike and counting since Monday. That’s a 1,400% increase compared to the previous day. Plus, Nike brand mentions increased by 135% compared to last week.

Read more @ Black Enterprise by Selena Hill

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For Hispanic Consumers, a Different Digital Divide

Urban Marketing Group Staff



s digital marketers try to connect with a growing US Hispanic population, they will need to get past the outdated picture of a population languishing on the wrong side of a gaping “digital divide.” Thanks in part to smartphones, Hispanics have become a very digital cohort.

Early in the digital era, Hispanics did lag significantly in internet penetration. That’s no longer the case, though. We estimate that 82.8% of Hispanics will be internet users this year—with penetration differing just marginally from the 85.0% figure for the total population.

Hispanics were early adopters of smartphones. And though the population in general has caught up, smartphone penetration among Hispanics is a robust 69.1%, on par with that of black, white and Asian consumers. Hispanics have also adopted online social networks in large numbers, and we estimate that 65.5% will be users this year—slightly higher than the 60.5% figure for the total population.

Read full story and sign up at

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