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McMorris Rodgers Meets with Minority Entrepreneurs

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McMorris Rodgers Meets with Minority Entrepreneurs 

VIEW ONLINEThis afternoon, House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) hosted several minority entrepreneurs at the U.S. Capitol to discuss how the Republican tax reform plan will help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families. Joining the conversation was Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway, and U.S. Treasurer Jovita Carranza. Today’s discussion marked the official launch of the Chair’s “Faces of Tax Reform” tour.

Chair McMorris Rodgers held a private roundtable immediately following her remarks, moderated by Raynard Jackson, Founder and Chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future. Joining the Chair was Kenya Pierce, co-President and COO of Voulez Beauté; Robert Wallace, President and CEO of Bithenergy; and Gerald B. Boyd, Jr., CEO of DB Consulting Group, Inc.

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Here are some of the highlights:

Chair McMorris Rodgers:
“We don’t want a tax code that stands in the way of success. We want one that rewards hard work — and fights for us and for our families. We want a modern tax code for a modern economy that will unleash innovation [and] the entrepreneurial spirit that makes America so special…we are going to be a part of making history.”

Kellyanne Conway:
“As you kick off your ‘Faces of Tax Reform’ nationwide tour, Chairwoman McMorris Rodgers, I want to tell you that the White House and Congress stand united in championing tax relief. We believe this will unleash the potential of all businesses…we don’t just want everyone to survive. We want everyone to succeed and to prosper.”

Treasurer Jovita Carranza:
“Coming from the inner city, blue collar, my corporate experience started with loading trucks and then I ended up as Senior VP and President of one of the international operations…I envision the hope of our underserved market…I also had in mind the access to capital. So I am very much involved not only in promoting and advocating for tax reform and lending my voice when it comes to access to capital to entrepreneurs, but also repeating what the small business community has shared with me that I should share with you that’s important to include in tax reform. And I’m very pleased that it is included.”

Raynard Jackson:
“Normally a bill passes and then we complain that it didn’t include this or it didn’t include that. This President and this Congresswoman and this House invited us in — the bill is not even written yet! …they asked us to give our thoughts and our opinions. That is a tectonic shift.”

Kenya Pierce:
“I’ve waited ten years for this day. My husband and I are both business people, and we have suffered a lot because of taxes the way that they are…I have big dreams and I chose America to be the place where I live, where I raise my family, and where these dreams would become a reality…but we need help to give back to America what America has given to us…I hope we can make a difference here today.”

Gerald B. Boyd, Jr.:
“I’ve experienced the unreasonableness of the tax code for years…thank you for letting me tell my story…Tax reform would mean to our company — it would mean educating our staff. A lot of our staff members need certifications…so we can reinvest [the money we’d save] back into our people.”

Robert Wallace:
“What struck me when I walked into the room is ‘the faces of tax reform.’ That caught my attention…the tax strategy, in my view, needs to address…material resources (land, labor, capital). The tax law should make it possible for minority business people to attract capital and labor in a way that they can do it quickly and efficiently.”

What is this “Faces of Tax Reform” Tour?
As House Republicans work on overhauling the tax code for the first time in more than 30 years, Chair McMorris Rodgers is going on a multi-state tour to put a collective face on our vision.

As reported by Politico, the Chair is scheduled to visit Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, where she will emphasize the personal side of pro-growth tax reform.

The primary goal of this tour is to hear directly from Americans whose lives have been impacted by our outdated and complicated tax code. Chair McMorris Rodgers looks forward to hearing how our work can benefit everyday, hardworking men and women.

For more on our work, visit or text “Tax Reform” to 50589.

Copyright © 2017 House Republican Conference, All rights reserved.

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In dozens of meetings and conversations in New York, I will highlight the importance of a continued and strong US-Africa partnership that prioritises the following goals:
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DIVERSITY IN business will take centre stage in Birmingham next month as hundreds of leading figures from the world of enterprise gather at the MSDUK Conference & Awards 2018 (25-26 September).

Ahead of the much-anticipated two-day event, U.S born entrepreneur and the first African American Woman to own and operate a billion-dollar company, Janice Bryant Howroyd partners with conference organiser Mayank Shah’s passionate belief in the importance of diversity AND inclusion, which she says can provide substantial benefits to businesses and communities alike.

Bryant Howroyd, who will be delivering a fire-side chat with TV newsreader Krishnan Guru-Murthy at the MSDUK Conference, was the first African American woman to build a billion-dollar (US) business.

She grew up in the deep South during the civil rights movement but overcame many obstacles to become one of the United States’ most successful entrepreneurs. Her company The ActOne Group provides workforce solutions to businesses across the globe, harnessing the innovative potential of a diverse global workforce.

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NEW YORK: Digital savvy African American consumers have embraced technology to such an extent that they are having an unprecedented impact on the economy, culture and wider society, a new study suggests.

According to research firm Nielsen, African Americans participate more than other ethnic groups in the US when it comes to video and audio streaming, gaming and smartphone ownership.

In addition, they over-index against non-Hispanic white Americans for spend per capita on a variety of grocery and non-grocery categories, as well as enjoying learning or reading about technology or electronic products.

The Nielsen report, entitled From Consumers to Creators: The Digital Lives of Black Consumers, forms part of the company’s ongoing Diverse Intelligence Series, which focuses on the digital lives of multicultural consumers.

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