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Need Cash for Your Business? We’ve even funded a Goat Farm in Michigan…

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Heck, we even funded a Goat Farm

Check out our goat farm

Sure, it’s the first goat farm I’ve funded in my career, but every day we look at new interesting deals that don’t fit the normal lending box.

Let us help you make some money

When Roger and Marcia came to us, they were already 6 months into an SBA process, with another 6 to go. They had learned the hard way that institutional loans, especially government backed, can be excruciatingly slow. And they were losing more money by waiting than they were saving with the lower SBA interest rates.

We gave their goat farm a 12-month interest-only bridge loan which they’ll payoff as soon as their SBA loan finally funds (fingers crossed). Now they can expand their farm and keep moving until the SBA gets its act together.

Have an odd deal? We’d love to help, and we can’t be bleat.



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