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Need money for your business? Read how D.S. got a $1.8M loan for a startup with no sales or revenues.

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How D.S. got a $1.8M loan for a startup with no sales or revenues. Hint, it wasn’t his good looks or charm…

D.S. has a great business he’s starting. We love it, and we believe everyone else will too. But his business had absolutely no impact on our ability to get him a loan. Which is great, because it had no revenues, no customers, and was burning hundreds of thousands in cash to get started.

Fortunately, D.S. owns a nice investment property worth $4M in Bradbury California. We were able to quickly and easily pull a $1.8M loan which could be used to continue to launch a great new business.

Need money for your business? Don’t forget to look close to home. Liberate cash currently trapped in your real estate.



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