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6 takeaways from Donald Trump’s first State of the Union speech



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(CNN)President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union address on Tuesday night, a (very) lengthy speech in which he largely revisited his accomplishments over his first year in office and offered a handful of proposals he’d like to see considered in the coming year.

While it’s important not to over-analyze what the speech means for Trump’s presidency — his first year in office suggests what he says one day means very little for what he will do the next — I did jot down a few takeaways from the address. They’re below.

1. America First

Trump ran — and won — on the idea that he would always put our country first. And boy did he make good on that promise in his State of the Union address. For the first hour of the speech, Trump talked about nothing but domestic policy. Tax cuts. The economy. Trade. Regulatory reform. Immigration. Nary a mention of America’s place in the world until after 10 pm on the east coast.
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Community DMV

Karen-Keys Gamarra for Fairfax School Board At-Large – DONATE TODAY





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About Karen

Karen Keys-Gamarra has been serving on the Fairfax County School Board in the 10th largest school district in the nation.  She is the only African American elected to a county wide position. Keys-Gamarra is an experienced child advocate and attorney who represents children from diverse backgrounds.

Karen’s professional focus is on developing solutions for children and families.  As a Board member, she address such concerns as providing greater access to Advanced Academics, improving special education services and inclusion practices, addressing discipline disparities, improving services to our military-connected students and strengthening  anti-bullying efforts.

Karen serves on the Governance, Audit and Community Criminal Justice Comittees.  Keys-Gamarra also serves as the liaison to the Title I Parent Advisory Committee.

Why Karen?

When slavery sums up a child’s exposure to black history in a classroom, we need a change in our educational system. When discipline referrals for black, brown and special education students are more than three times those of their counterparts, we need a change in our educational system.

When Advanced Learning classes don’t reflect the diversity of the community, we need a change in our educational system. These are just a few of the issues negatively impacting our community.

Education is the great equalizer in our society and every child deserves access to excellent education in their community schools. I’m Karen Keys-Gamarra and I ran for School Board in the 10 the largest school system in our nation because we need to make sure all students have access to quality education. As an attorney who represents the best interests of children and works to remove barriers for kids every day, I recognize that this effort necessarily includes addressing concerns within our educational system.

As a mother of three boys, all of whom are of African American and Hispanic descent, I know the fears of a parent who wants to make sure that their child is not only safe but prepared for the future. I ran for school board because these fundamental issues are critical to our community and to my family. Now that I have served on the Board for nearly 2 years, I have been steadfast in working to remove barriers to access to education.

I work to remove confederate names from our schools and championed discipline reform designed to limit discretionary punishment and instead, provide rehabilitative work that includes parents in developing solutions and second chances. I have also led efforts to make sure that more children have access to advanced learning opportunities because I truly believe that every child needs to discover their strengths without societal limitations. And I have advocated for a curriculum that reflects the history of our student body and a workforce that brings the strength of diversity to our schools.

I am an African American parent and Attorney who advocates for access to educational opportunity. When we change the culture of our schools so that every child can discover his or her potential, we will see the achievement gap disappear and our communities become stronger as a whole. As a Fairfax County School Board member representing the entire County, this is my pursuit and my purpose.

Donate HERE

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Trump knew payments were wrong, Cohen says l FULL INTERVIEW



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Trump concerned about being impeached, sees it as a ‘real possibility,’ source says



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(CNN)President Donald Trump has expressed concern that he could be impeached when Democrats take over the House, a source close to the President told CNN Monday. The source said Trump sees impeachment as a “real possibility.”

But Trump isn’t certain it will happen, the source added.
A separate source close to the White House told CNN that aides inside the West Wing believe “the only issue that may stick” in the impeachment process is the campaign finance violations tied to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s payouts to Trump’s alleged mistresses.
Impeachment talk has ratcheted up in recent days following a blockbuster filing from prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. In that filing, prosecutors directly alleged for the first time that Cohen was being directed by Trump when he broke the law during the 2016 presidential campaign.
Democrats are suggesting Trump committed an impeachable offense and could be sent to prison when his term in the White House is over. The incoming chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Jerry Nadler, said Sunday the allegations, if proven, would constitute “impeachable offenses.”
Democratic Sen. Chris Coons said Monday Trump could be indicted after he leaves office.
Cohen first made the allegation in court in September that he was directed by Trump to make the payments to the two women, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Prosecutors endorsed the allegation in a sentencing document for Cohen on Friday, in which they said Cohen should receive a “substantial sentence” for the crimes he committed, which included campaign finance violations for the payments to the two women, tax fraud and lying to Congress.
White House officials, at the moment, still don’t believe special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible collusion will result in impeachment. Officials are also comforted by their belief that the campaign finance issue is not seen as enough to galvanize bipartisan support for impeachment.
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